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OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 3124 Imaging biomarker activation maps for deep learning-aided classifiers Yali Jia, Pengxiao Zang
OHSU # 3122 OCT-based artificial intelligence for irregular cornea classification David Huang, Yan Li, Elias Pavlatos, Xubo Song
OHSU # 3024 Universal nanoprobes for imaging and treatment of cancer Adem Yildirim, Jared Fischer, Bruce Branchaud
OHSU # 3003 Algorithm for assessing retinal fluid volume using OCT/OCTA Yali Jia, Yukun Guo
OHSU # 2956 Cell-permeant and water-soluble rhodamine dyes for quantitative imaging applications Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Lei Wang, Antonio Montano
OHSU # 2917 Sensorless adaptive optics (AO) control method for OCT/OCT-angiography retinal imaging Yifan Jian, Acner Camino Benech
OHSU # 2837 Self-tracking real-time high-resolution wide-field OCT angiography (OCTA) Yali Jia, Xiang Wei
OHSU # 2823 Nanoparticle ultrasound contrast agents with high acoustic activity Adem Yildirim, Jose Luis Montoya Mira, Sadik Esener, Stuart Ibsen
OHSU # 2779 Novel agents for the detection and treatment of bladder cancer. John Muschler
OHSU # 2718 Novel albumin binder for improving the targeting efficacy of diagnostic or therapeutic reagents Dexing Zeng, Lingyi Sun, Zhonghan Li
OHSU # 2658 Visual field simulation using OCT and OCT angiography David Huang, Ou Tan, Liang Liu
OHSU # 2624 Novel Second Generation Fluorescent Dyes For In Vivo Nerve-specific Imaging Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Lei Wang, Connor Barth
OHSU # 2579 Adipose-specific fluorescent dyes for in vivo imaging Jesse Korber, Connor Barth, Summer Dowell (Gibbs)
OHSU # 2531 Software for automated identification and segmentation of perivascular spaces on MRI Erin Boespflug, Daniel Schwartz, Lisa Silbert, David Lahna
OHSU # 2475 Novel Fluorescent Dyes for In Vivo Nerve-Specific Imaging Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Lei Wang, Connor Barth
OHSU # 2330 Fluorescence microscope for high resolution imaging and single-molecule tracking Don Kania, Joe Gray, Steven Jacques, Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Xiaolin Nan
OHSU # 2205-D Fluorophores for multicolor microscopy Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Xiaolin Nan, Amy Bittel
OHSU # 2062 Quantification of vascular abnormality with OCT angiography Yali Jia, David Huang
OHSU # 1991 T2* Mapping for quantitative assessment of placental function and oxygenation Matthias Schabel, Antonio Frias, Christopher Kroenke
OHSU # 1791 Tomographic bright field imaging (TBFI) Owen McCarty, Kevin Phillips, Steven Jacques
OHSU # 1757 Forward scanning vitrectomy OCT microprobe David Huang, Yimin Wang, James Fujimoto, Chen Lu, David Wilson, John Stout
OHSU # 1444 Algorithm For Automated Detection of Melanoma Daniel Gareau, Ricky Hennessy, Steven Jacques