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OHSU # 2658 — Visual field simulation using OCT and OCT angiography

Preventing glaucoma disease progression requires regular monitoring and timely treatment. However, current assessment of visual field loss is subjective and can be unreliable for monitoring small progressive vision loss. Accordingly, Dr. David Huang et al. developed an OCTA test that produces simulated visual fields. The test provides a more objective and more reliable test than the conventional visual field method to assess progressive visual field deficits in mild to moderate disease stage glaucoma.   

Technology Overview
Effective monitoring of glaucoma patients requires the ability to detect and manage small progressive changes in vision. Currently, ophthalmologists rely on visual field (VF) tests to assess losses in vision; however, this test is subjective and has poor reproducibility making it difficult to detect small changes in vision over time. Research developed in the laboratory of David Huang provides for a novel simulated visual field test using objective and reproducible data collected from OCTA. Specifically, OCTA peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer plexus capillary density (NFLP) measurements are transformed and used to simulate a visual field map (see Figure). OCTA simulations accurately predicted the location and severity of visual field deficits, with <1 dB difference in mean deviation when compared to traditional VF for mild and moderate cases of glaucoma. OCTA simulations had a higher degree of diagnostic accuracy for glaucoma than traditional VF testing and an increased between-visit reproducibility (OCTA simulation: 0.63 dB pooled standard deviation, traditional VF: 1.03 dB pooled standard deviation).

Importantly, this platform eliminates confusing differences in units between OCTA imaging and functional measurements of the eye, allowing for easier interpretation of results by physicians. This technology has the opportunity to increase the utility of OCTA imaging platforms by providing a simpler, faster, and more consistent method for ophthalmologists to accurately assess progressive changes of the visual field.

Liu, et al., “Sectorwise Visual Field Simulation Using Optical Coherence Tomographic Angiography Nerve Fiber Layer Plexus Measurements in Glaucoma.” American Journal of Ophthalmology 212(2020): 57-68. Link

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