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Technology Overview

OHSU # 2346 — Metabolic activity diffusion imaging (MADI): dye-free, high-resolution MRI metabolic imaging


The current technology is a contrast agent-free method of metabolic imaging based on detection of Na/K ATPase activity with MRI, that provides significantly higher resolution than current approaches such as PET.  

Technology Overview

Measuring metabolic activity in vivo can facilitate diagnoses of disease states and therapeutic responses.  Existing imaging modalities for detecting metabolic activity, such PET and MRSI, require administration of  exogeneous contrast agents and have lower spatial resolution than desired.  To overcome these limitations, Oregon Health & Science University researchers developed a novel method of metabolic imaging using MRI, called metabolic activity diffusion imaging (MADI).  Features of this novel metabolic imaging approach include:

  • Detection of metabolic activity associated with the Na/K ATP pump (imaging biomarker; kio), present in all cells and tissues, and never before measurable in vivo
  • Non-invasive contrast agent-free imaging of metabolic activity, including within the brain, based on diffusion-weighted MRI techniques. 
  • A two-fold improvement in spatial resolution of metabolic activity compared to PET, allowing for detection of important tissue and intra-tumor heterogeneity in metabolism. 
  • Separation and detection of cell density and average cell volume, critical biomarkers that can currently be measured only ex vivo
  • Utility for distinguishing regional pathologies as well as therapy responsiveness. 


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