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Technology Overview

OHSU # 2330 — Fluorescence microscope for high resolution imaging and single-molecule tracking


Super-resolution microscopy and single-molecule tracking are powerful tools for biological research, but multicolor experiments have been difficult due to spectral crosstalk between fluorophores. Scientists at OHSU have developed a simple-to-use multispectral super-resolution microscope (MSSRM) system, compatible with live- or fixed-cell imaging that allows high precision imaging of biological samples with 10-20 colors at once.

Technology Overview

An important caveat of super-resolution microscopy is color cross-talk, which greatly limits the maximum number of fluorophores that can be resolved and thereby slows the rate of data acquisition. OHSU investigators have developed the Multispectral Super Resolution Microscopy (MSSRM) system - a powerful and versatile tool that enables simultaneous imaging of more samples.  Features of the MSSRM system include:

  • Imaging of up to 10-20 colors in a single-experiment with limited cross-talk.
  • Improved spectral resolution of 10 nm, as compared to current standards of 50-100 nm.
  • Single-light source, allowing for use with standard commercial inverted microscopes.
  • Utility for imaging of both fixed and live cells.

The unique properties of this system allow many sub-cellular structures to be visualized in one experiment with high resolution. In addition, this system enables multicolor single-molecule tracking in live cells in just one experiment.


Huang T, et al., “Simultaneous Multicolor Single-Molecule Tracking with Single-Laser Excitation via Spectral Imaging.” Biophys J. 2018 Jan 23;114(2):301-310. Link

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Published United States WO 2018/085531
Issued United States 11,009,394