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OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 2576 iPancreas: Internet based on-demand artificial pancreas app-generator to accelerate clinical trials research Peter Jacobs, Joseph Leitschuh, Sos Oganessian, Jessica Castle, Joseph El Youssef
OHSU # 2473 The SBIRT Oregon website provides resources for primary care clinics and emergency medicine departments to address unhealthy alcohol and drug use through implementing Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment. James (Jim) Winkle
OHSU # 2392 Drug Information Application, Database, Administration Website, Marketing Website Seth Hartman, Rebecca Britton, Proceso Neil Edillo
OHSU # 2191 The FOoD Kitchen Melanie Gillingham, Angela Horgan, Claire Held
OHSU # 2158 ACE-15, a brief psychometric measure of clinical teamwork skills Virginia Tilden, Elizabeth Eckstrom
OHSU # 2083 Medical Illustration of a metastatic tumor of the thoracic spinal column Andrew Rekito
OHSU # 1740 Tinnitus Functional Index Mary Meikle
OHSU # 1732 Internet mindfulness meditation intervention Helane Wahbeh
OHSU # 1675 Drug Effectiveness Report: "HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins) and Fixed-dose Combination Products Containing a Statin" Drug Effectiveness Review Project
OHSU # 1365 Mexican Spanish female diphone voice Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1364 Mexican Spanish male diphone voice Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1363 American English female diphone voice (TL) Esther Klabbers-Judd
OHSU # 1362 American English female diphone voice (AS) Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1361 American English male speaker diphone voice Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1360 German male speaker diphone voice Alexander Kain, Esther Klabbers-Judd
OHSU # 1359 German female speaker diphone voice Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1195 Clear-Speech Corpus, Speaker JPH John-Paul Hosom, Alexander Kain, Akiko Kusumoto, Margaret Mitchell
OHSU # 1162-A The Pacific Northwest Anti-Inflammatory Reference Cookbook (PDF) Martha McMurry, Lila Ojeda
OHSU # 0952 Sound Identification Tutor Jacques de Villiers
OHSU # 0949 Educational Videotape About Retinopathy of Prematurity and Cryotherapy Earl Palmer
OHSU # 0840 Safe Moves DVD for Patient Transportation Ed Marcell
OHSU # 0681-T CORPORA from CSLU: Yes/No v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-S CORPORA from CSLU: Voices v1.0 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-R CORPORA from CSLU: The Spoltech Brazilian Portuguese v1.0 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-Q CORPORA from CSLU: Stories v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-P CORPORA from CSLU: SR4X v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-O CORPORA from CSLU: Spelled and spoken words v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-N CORPORA from CSLU: Speaker recognition v1.1 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-M CORPORA from CSLU Portland cellular v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-L CORPORA from CSLU: Numbers v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-K CORPORA from CSLU: National cellular v2.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-J CORPORA from CSLU: Names v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-I CORPORA from CSLU: Multilanguage telephone speech v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-H CORPORA from CSLU: Multichannel overlapping numbers CSLU
OHSU # 0681-G CORPORA from CSLU: Kids speech v1.1 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-F CORPORA from CSLU: Isolet CSLU
OHSU # 0681-E CORPORA from CSLU: Foreign accented English CSLU
OHSU # 0681-D CORPORA from CSLU: Cellular words and phrases CSLU
OHSU # 0681-C CORPORA from CSLU: Apple words and phrases CSLU
OHSU # 0681-B CORPORA from CSLU: Alphadigit CSLU
OHSU # 0681-A CORPORA from CSLU: 22 Language CSLU
OHSU # 0665 Voice Transformation (High Resolution) Alexander Kain
OHSU # 0631 Full Text To Speech with OGIResLPC