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OHSU # 3191-A — Workplace Mental Health Support Training for Leaders - individual training seats


The Workplace Mental Health Support Training for Leaders is a 1-hour online training designed by occupational health psychology scientists and has been scientifically demonstrated to provide valuable training for company leaders and improve employee feelings of wellness.

Technology Overview

Burnout, mental distress, and mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are at an all-time high in the wake of COVID-19. According to the National Safety Council, employers spend approximately $15,000 annually per employee who is experiencing mental distress, due to lost days and increased employee turnover rate, which has now climbed to 57% in the US. Organizations are rapidly shifting priorities to focus on occupational health and wellness programs to address employee mental health and well-being.

The Workplace Mental Health Support Training for Managers teaches mental health support skills to leaders (managers and supervisors) through engaging and interactive online activities. Leaders will learn to better recognize and support employees’ mental health through actionable lessons and leadership behaviors, with a goal of enhancing workforce retention and well-being.

Originally tested in a Military population, the Workplace Mental Health Support Training for Managers has been shown to significantly improve:

  • Leaders’ knowledge of mental health and supportive leadership behaviors.
  • Leaders’ perceived usefulness and favorability of the program.
  • Employees’ sense of having emotional and instrumental support at work.
  • Employees’ general feelings of belonging within their teams.

For more information, please visit the Center for Supportive Leadership webpage.

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Agreement Type Price
Acad Govt Nonprofit Mental Health Training License $50.00
Industry Workplace Mental Health Training License $75.00