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Technology Overview

OHSU # 2923 — The Active Workplace Toolkit


OHSU researchers have developed a set of training materials that provides organizations with tools and skills to promote physical activity and actively support safety, health, and well-being among their employees in a sedentary work environment.

Technology Overview

Sedentary work environments can be detrimental to the physical and emotional health of employees.  Occupational health specialists at OHSU have developed the Active Workplace Toolkit, which is an adaptable safety, health, and well-being program designed specifically for the unique needs of sedentary occupations, their supervisors, and employees. It is designed to introduce small, sustainable changes to the workplace that will strengthen the organization’s culture around safety and health, and result in more permanent positive changes related to sedentary behavior and its effects. These materials provide tools for supervisors to support active workplace practices and promote a culture of healthy lifestyle practices.

Features of the Active Workplace Toolkit includes:

  • Team competitions
  • Behavioral self-monitoring
  • Scripted group discussions
  • Training topics that include the risks of sedentary behavior, organizational structures and individual behaviors

Licensing Opportunity

These materials are available for licensing.