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OHSU # 1162-A — The Pacific Northwest Anti-Inflammatory Reference Cookbook (PDF)


Are you curious about the Anti-Inflammatory diet and ready for a change in your eating habits?  This reference cookbook will be valuable to anyone interested in the nutritional content of anti-inflammatory foods. There are over 61 delicious recipes as well as suggested menus, nutrient analysis, cooking tips, and helpful shopping information. Given its avoidance of many pro-allergenic foods, patients with food sensitivities or allergies may find this diet particularly helpful.


Technology Summary

This cookbook was created at Oregon Health & Science University for a National Institutes of Health sponsored research study on the health effects of a naturopathic anti-inflammatory diet. In conjunction with the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, the cookbook was designed to create meals from recommendations within the literature and practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine. These recommendations avoid foods commonly associated with allergies and emphasize foods that are thought to reduce a harmful inflammatory response.


This cookbook is for you, if you:
• Want to try an anti-inflammatory diet but you don't know where to start.
• Love to cook and look for new ways to create nutritious, satisfying meals.  
• Try new healthy or weight loss diets every few weeks but these never last.
• Have food sensitivities and want to avoid common food allergens.
• Are already eating an anti-inflammatory diet but are hungry and bored.

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