Cell Lines

FA cell lines are available free of charge. Our inventory includes the following cell line catagories:

Storage, plating, and media

How should I store my cells?
Cells should be stored in liquid nitrogen or thawed immediately upon arrival.

How should I plate my cells and what media should I use?
Cells are frozen in 10% DMSO. You can remove the DMSO by washing and spinning or dilute the DMSO down to 0.5% with media for the initial plating.  Please make sure to check the media requirements listed on each cell line's datasheet under the heading "Growth Media". Please note that some lines should be grown in selection media

It is recommended to expand cells in flasks as they are much less contamination-prone. Plate format, in contrast, works better for limited term/end point type experiments.

FA-CCLR: Sporadic HNSCC derived FANCA-isogenic cell line pairs and trios

Name Cell Line Datasheet Order
2) JHU-SCC-FaDuko+Tg [safe harbor FANCA-complemented]
SFCI-SCC-09 1) SFCI-SCC-09ko [FANCA-/-]
2) SFCI-SCC-09ko+Tg [safe harbor FANCA-complemented]
UM-SCC-01 1) UM-SCC-01 [FANCA+/+]
2) UM-SCC-01ko [FANCA-/-]
3) UM-SCC-01ko+Tg [safe harbor FANCA-complemented]
CAL-SCC-27 1) CAL27 (FANCA+/+)
2) CAL27-c34 (FANCA-/-)
3) CAL27-c34-FANCA (FANCA+/+) [retroviral FANCA-complemented]


CAL-SCC-33 1) CAL33 (FANCA+/+)
2) CAL33-c11 (FANCA-/-)
3) CAL33-c11-FANCA (FANCA+/+) [retroviral FANCA-complemented]


FA-CCLR: Fanconi patient-derived and sporadic HNSCC FANC-isogenic cell line pairs

Name Cell Line Datasheet Order
CCH-SCC-FA1 1) CCH-SCC-FA1 [FANCA-/- FA-patient derived line]
2) CCH-SCC-FA1+Tg(LV) [lentiviral FANCA-complemented]
OHSU-SCC-974 1) OHSU-SCC-974 [FANCA-/- FA-patient derived line]
2) OHSU-SCC-974+Tg(LV) [lentiviral FANCA-complemented]
VU-SCC-1365 1) VU-SCC-1365 [FANCA-/- FA-patient derived line]
2) VU-SCC-1365+Tg(LV) [lentiviral FANCA-complemented]

Amsterdam UMC

VU-SCC-1131 1) VU-SCC-1131 [FANCC-/- FA-patient derived line]
2) VU-SCC-1131+Tg(LV) [lentiviral FANCC-complemented]

Amsterdam UMC

VU-SCC-1604 1) VU-SCC-1604 [FANCL-/- FA-patient derived line]
2) VU-SCC-1604+Tg(LV) [lentiviral FANCL-complemented]

Amsterdam UMC

Immortalized primary FA patient-derived fibroblasts

Name Cell Line Datasheet Order
PD220 FANCA (-/-) PD220.pdf
PD331 FANCC (-/-) PD331.pdf
PD20 & PD20RV:D2 1) PD20 (FANCD2-/-)
2) PD20 RV:D2 (retroviral FANCD2-complemented)
PD20 & PD20RVD2.pdf
PD352 FANCG (-/-) PD352 .pdf

FA mouse derived tumor cell lines

Name Cell Line Datasheet Order
Clone 6 Clone 6 Fanca -/- (129/Sv) Clone 6-2023 Publication.pdf

University of Pittsburgh

in progress Fancd2-/-(129/Sv)

in progress Fancd2-/-(C57/B6)

in progress Fancg-/-(C57/B6)

malignant plasma cell tumor K14E7 Fancd2 -/- cancer K14E7-2016 Publication.pdf

University of Pittsburgh

Immortalized mouse (129S4/Sv) FA knockout and wildtype fibroblasts

Name Cell Line Datasheet Order
2408 Fanc (+/+) (wildtype control) 2408.pdf
2403 Fanca (-/-) 2403.pdf
2421 Fancc (-/-) 2421.pdf
2422 Fanca(-/-) Fancc(-/-) 2422.pdf
5029 Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (+/+) (wildtype control) 5029.pdf
5017 Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2 (+/+) 5017.pdf
5010 Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (-/-) 5010.pdf
5035 Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2(-/-) 5035.pdf