Before proceeding, please take a moment to identify your: 

  1. Institutional Authority.  This will be the representative/department responsible for signing Material Transfer and Use Agreements (MTAs or MTUAs). 

  2. FedEx or UPS account number. 

Please note that after your order is approved the Principal investigator will be required to sign our Materials Transfer and Use Agreement (MTUA) before materials can be shipped. 

Shipping FAQs

What is the cost for cells and antibodies?
All materials are free to academic institutions. You are only responsible for shipping costs.

I don't have a FedEx or UPS account number. What should I do?
You can contact FedEx or UPS to set up an account.

I am outside of the US. Can I still request materials from the repository?
Yes! However, it is your responsibility to determine if any additional documents need to be included with the shipment to avoid delays at your local customs office. Contact your customs office and find out exactly what paperwork you'll need to import the materials. For some countries, like Australia or India, shipping options such as World Courier may be used to ensure that package(s) are maintained at the appropriate conditions during the long transit.

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