Animal Models

A compiled reference of FA animal models is listed below. Please note that a researcher’s ability to share animals is not guaranteed. To add to this list contact the repository manager

What should I expect if a researcher is able to share an animal model?

1. Wait times while colonies are expanded to meet your request

2. That you will be covering shipping and export expenses

3. That an MTA will need to be signed between universities

4. That you will need to coordinate between sending and receiving animal departments


Name Genetics Strain Datasheet Order
Fanca KO Fanca (-/-) 129S4/SvJaeSor (MGI:3044540) co-isogenic Fanca KO.pdf


Fancc KO Fancc (-/-) 129S4/SvJaeSor (MGI:3044540) co-isogenic Fancc KO.pdf


Fancd2 KO Fancd2 (-/-) 129S4/SvJaeSor (MGI:3044540) co-isogenic Fancd2 KO.pdf


Fancm KO FVB.Fancm (del2/del2) FVB/N Fancm KO 2023.pdf

St Vincent's Institute

Fancm KO B6.Fancm (del2/del2) C57BL/6J Fancm KO 2023.pdf

St Vincent's Institute

Fanca KO; Trp53 conditional KO Fanca (-/-);K14cre; Trp53 (F2-10/F2-10) mixed FVB/NJ × DBA/2J × C57BL/6J Fanca KO; Trp53 conditional KO 2022.pdf