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FARM Materials Publications Contributing authors, journal, and year
Cell Lines: JHU-SCC-FaDu, SFCI-SCC-09, UM-SCC-01, CAL-SCC-27, CAL-SCC-33, CCH-SCC-FA1, OHSU-SCC-974, VU-SCC-1131, VU-SCC-1365, VU-SCC-1604
Fanconi anemia-isogenic head and neck cancer cell line pairs A basic and translational science resource.pdf Hiep Tai Nguyen, et al. International Journal of Cancer. 2023
Cell Lines: JHU-SCC-FaDu, UM-SCC-01
The cGAS-STING-IFN-1 Response in Squamous Head and Neck Cancer Cells after Genotoxic Challenges and Abrogation of the ATR-Chk1 and Fanconi Anemia Axis.pdf Sebastian Zahnreich, et al. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2023
Cell Lines: CAL-SCC-27, CAL-SCC-33
Generating New FANCA-Deficient HNSCC Cell Lines by Genomic Editing Recapitulates the Cellular Phenotypes of Fanconi Anemia.pdf Ricardo Errazquin, et al. Genes. 2021
Antibodies: FANCC (541:558)
Fanconi Anemia Proteins Function in Mitophagy and Immunity.pdf Rhea Sumpter, et al. Cell. 2016
Cell Lines: FANCA (PD220), FANCG (PD352)
Fanconi Anemia D2 Protein Is an Apoptotic Target Mediated by Caspases.pdf Su-Jung Park, et al. J Cell Biochem. 2011
Cell Lines: Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (+/+) 5029, Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2 (+/+) 5017, Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (-/-) 5010, Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2(-/-) 5035
Fancd2 counteracts the toxic effects of naturally produced aldehydes in mice.pdf Frederic Langevin, et al. Nature. 2011
Animal Models: Fancc (-/-) mouse, Fanca (-/-) mouse, Fancd2 (-/-) mouse
Mouse models of Fanconi anemia.pdf Kalindi Parmar, et al. Mutation Research. 2009
Cell Lines: Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2 (+/+) 5017
Embryonic Lethality after Combined Inactivation of Fancd2 and Mlh1 in Mice.pdf Henri J. van de Vrugt, et al. Cancer Research. 2009
Cell Lines: FANCA (PD220), FANCC (PD331), FANCG (PD352)
Relevance of the Fanconi anemia pathway in the response of human cells to trabectedin.pdf José A. Casado, et al. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2008
Cell Lines: Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (+/+) 5029, Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2 (+/+) 5017, Fancd2(+/+) Aldh2 (-/-) 5010, Fancd2(-/-) Aldh2(-/-) 5035
Animal Models: Fancd2 (-/-) mouse
Epithelial cancer in Fanconi anemia complementation group D2 (Fancd2) knockout mice.pdf Scott Houghtaling, et al. Genes & Development. 2003
Cell Lines: Fanc (+/+) 2408, Fanca (-/-) 2403, Fancc (-/-) 2421, Fanca(-/-) Fancc(-/-) 2422
Animal Models: Fancc (-/-) mouse, Fanca (-/-) mouse
Fanconi anemia group A and C double-mutant mice - Functional evidence for a multi-protein Fanconi anemia complex.pdf Meenakshi Noll, et al. Experimental Hematology. 2002
Cell Lines: FANCD2 (PD20), FANCD2 + Tg Corrected (PD20 RV:D2)
Positional Cloning of a Novel Fanconi Anemia Gene, FANCD2.pdf Cynthia Timmers, et al. Molecular Cell. 2001
Cell Lines: FANCD2 (PD20)
The Fanconi anemia protein FANCF forms a nuclear complex with FANCA, FANCC and FANCG.pdf JP de Winter, et al. Human Molecular Genetics. 2000
Cell Lines: FANCD2 (PD20)
Subtyping Analysis of Fanconi Anemia by Immunoblotting and Retroviral Gene Transfer.pdf Michael Pulsipher, et al. Molecular Medicine. 1998
Cell Lines: FANCA (PD220), FANCD2 (PD20)
Immortalization of Four New Fanconi Anemia Fibroblast Cell Lines by an Improved Procedure.pdf P.M. Jakobs, et al. Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics.. 1996
Cell Lines: Fancc (-/-) 2421
Animal Models: Fancc (-/-) mouse
Germ Cell Defects and Hematopoietic Hypersensitivity to y-Interferon in Mice With a Targeted Disruption of the Fanconi Anemia C Gene.pdf Michael A. Whitney, et al. Blood. 1996