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OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 3193 Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Projection-Resolved Optical Coherence Tomographic Angiography (aiPR-OCTA) Yali Jia, Jie Wang
OHSU # 3142 Improved removal of projection artifacts in optical coherence tomographic angiography Yali Jia, Jie Wang
OHSU # 3133 An OCT method to improve scleral lens fitting David Huang, Yan Li, Clara Llorens Quintana
OHSU # 3124 Imaging biomarker activation maps for deep learning-aided classifiers Yali Jia, Pengxiao Zang
OHSU # 3105 Fully-automated diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening based on OCT and its angiography Yali Jia, Pengxiao Zang
OHSU # 2985 Label-free fluorescent sensing of protease activity Justin Plaut, Srivathsan Ranganathan, Adem Yildirim, Bruce Branchaud, Sean Speese, Corey Dambacher, Sarah Barnhill, Emma Olson
OHSU # 2956 Cell-permeant and water-soluble rhodamine dyes for quantitative imaging applications Summer Dowell (Gibbs), Lei Wang, Antonio Montano
OHSU # 2917 Sensorless adaptive optics (AO) control method for OCT/OCT-angiography retinal imaging Yifan Jian, Acner Camino Benech
OHSU # 2837 Self-tracking real-time high-resolution wide-field OCT angiography (OCTA) Yali Jia, Xiang Wei
OHSU # 2714 Systems and methods for retinal capillary oximetry Yali Jia, Shaohua Pi
OHSU # 2685 Novel device for ultrasound-assisted IV placement Matthew (Matt) Hansen
OHSU # 2630 Software for deep learning-based inference of biomarker distribution in cancer samples Young Hwan Chang, Erik Burlingame, Geoffrey Schau, Elliot Gray
OHSU # 2062 Quantification of vascular abnormality with OCT angiography Yali Jia, David Huang
OHSU # 1791 Tomographic bright field imaging (TBFI) Owen McCarty, Kevin Phillips, Steven Jacques
OHSU # 1757 Forward scanning vitrectomy OCT microprobe David Huang, Yimin Wang, James Fujimoto, Chen Lu, David Wilson, John Stout
OHSU # 1444 Algorithm For Automated Detection of Melanoma Daniel Gareau, Ricky Hennessy, Steven Jacques