Repository FAQ

Obtaining Materials

What is the cost for cells and antibodies?

All repository materials are free to academic institutions. You are only responsible for shipping costs.

I don't have a FedEx or UPS account number. What should I do?

You can contact FedEx or UPS to try to set up an account. If that doesn't work, you can usually buy pre-paid postage from FedEx. Once you have the shipping label, send it to and ask her to use this for shipping. Our shipping address is:

Oregon Health and Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Road
Portland, OR 97239

I am outside of the US. Can I still request materials from the repository?

Yes! However, it is YOUR responsibility to determine if any additional documents need to be included with the shipment to avoid delays at your local customs office. Contact your customs office and find out exactly what paperwork you'll need to import the materials. For some countries, like Australia or India, it may be worth it to look into other shipping options such as World Courier, to ensure that your package(s) are maintained at the appropriate conditions during the long transit. Once you have gathered all necessary documentation, contact to provide shipping instructions. We'll do our best to accommodate special shipping instructions, but please understand that if more work is required on our end, it may take longer to complete your order.

I received an email notification that my antibody order was approved but I haven't received the antibodies I requested. Where are my antibodies?

When your order was approved, an MTA was automatically sent to the person you designated as your institutional authority. If that person has not contacted you to obtain your signature, chances are your MTA has not been executed. If your institutional authority did not receive the MTA, please request another copy of the MTA from Leslie Wakefield at Once all required signatures are collected, please send a PDF copy to and copy to complete your request.

I received an email notification confirming my request for human cells. What happens now?

A usage agreement was attached to the email notification confirming your request. Once you sign and send the usage agreement to you should be able to get an estimated date of shipment.

Using Materials

What is the species for the antibodies?

All of our antibodies are rabbit anti-human.

How should I store the antibodies?

Antibodies stored in PBS should be kept at 4°C. Avoid freezing and thawing.

Antibodies stored in 50% Glycerol, .05% Azide, and 1% BSA can be stored at either 4°C, or for longer term storage -20°C safely.

Please check the Antisera Data Sheet that came with your shipment to find out what your Antibody is stored in.

What dilution should I use for my antibodies?

We do not test any of the antibodies ourselves. We rely on user feedback to determine the best applications and working conditions for these antibodies. For this reason, we ask that you please share your results! The feedback we've received so far has been compiled for each antibody and will be sent to you along with your shipment, but if you'd like to see what we have ahead of time please contact Leslie Wakefield to request a PDF version.

How should I store my cells?

Cells should be stored in liquid nitrogen or thawed immediately upon arrival.

How should I plate my cells?

Starting with a 10cm plate is usually recommended. However, if you notice that you have a particularly large or small cell pellet, adjust the plate size accordingly.

What media should I use?

For mouse cells use high glucose DMEM supplemented with 10% FBS and 1% Pen/strep.

For human cells use Alpha-MEM supplemented with 10% FBS and 1% Pen/Strep.