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OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 3127 A microcontroller for easier whole-cell patch clamping on dendrites and axons Stephen Smith, Timur Tsintsadze
OHSU # 3108 De novo peptide sequencer Fehmi Civitci, Eugene Tu, Kevin Schilling, Mingchong Dai, Nicholas Groves, Justin Plaut, Srivathsan Ranganathan, Andy Mendoza, Riccardo Carloni, Yu-Jui (Roger) Chiu, Emine (Sila) Ozdemir, Bruce Branchaud
OHSU # 2544 "Tooth on a chip"- A microfluidic device to test interactions of biomaterials with dental structures Luiz Bertassoni
OHSU # 2532 Virtual patient population for mathematical representation of glucose metabolism in type 1 diabetes Peter Jacobs, Joseph El Youssef, Seyed (Navid) Resalat
OHSU # 2271 Diagnostic classification and questionnaire for facial pain Kim Burchiel, Shirley McCartney
OHSU # 1791 Tomographic bright field imaging (TBFI) Owen McCarty, Kevin Phillips, Steven Jacques