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Therapeutics - Cancer

OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 3024 Universal nanoprobes for imaging and treatment of cancer Adem Yildirim, Jared Fischer, Bruce Branchaud
OHSU # 3001 Anti-cancer Compounds with Improved Cardiac Safety and Drug Resistance Profiles Mark Mercola, Sanjay Malhotra, Mallesh Pandrala, Dhanir Tailor, Arne Antoon Bruyneel
OHSU # 2964 A first in class small molecule as a novel YB1 inhibitor. Sanjay Malhotra, Dhanir Tailor
OHSU # 2907 Small molecule activates innate immune responses controlled by the human protein STING. Victor DeFilippis, Jinu Abraham, Sara Botto
OHSU # 2757 Clickable, photoactivatable NAD+ analogues as probes for PARP and other NAD+-binding targets Sunil Sundalam, Michael Cohen
OHSU # 2718 Novel albumin binder for improving the targeting efficacy of diagnostic or therapeutic reagents Dexing Zeng, Lingyi Sun, Zhonghan Li
OHSU # 2648 Methods of treating venetoclax-resistant acute myeloid leukemia Jeffrey Tyner, Haijiao Zhang, Beth Wilmot, Daniel Bottomly, Shannon McWeeney, Stephen (Steve) Kurtz, Christopher Eide, Ravindra Majeti
OHSU # 2561 Mutation-specific treatment strategies for acute myeloid leukemia Jeffrey Tyner, Cristina Tognon, Brian Druker, Daniel Bottomly, Beth Wilmot, Stephen (Steve) Kurtz, Samantha Savage, Nicola Long, Anna Reister Schultz, Elie Traer, Shannon McWeeney
OHSU # 2431 Selective PARP11 inhibitor for the treatment of cancer Michael Cohen, Ilsa Kirby
OHSU # 2414 MicroRNA inhibitors to enhance radiotherapy efficacy Sudarshan Anand, Shushan Rana, Charles Thomas
OHSU # 2413 A therapeutic approach to minimize residual disease and relapse in cancer George Thomas, Hui-wen Lue, Jennifer Podolak, Kevin Kolahi
OHSU # 2291 Radiation-enhanced delivery of antisense oligonucleotides against MGMT Prakash Ambady, Ying-Jen (Jeffrey) Wu, Edward Neuwelt
OHSU # 2260 A targeted therapy to treat HER-2 positive breast cancer Shiuh-Wen Luoh
OHSU # 2043 Humanized leucine zipper-TRAIL fusion constructs as potent antitumor agents Dmitri Rozanov
OHSU # 1851 Novel pyrroloquinazolines as anti-cancer agents Xiangshu Xiao, Jingjin Chen, Bingbing Li
OHSU # 1699 Pharmaceutical compositions comprising napthamides Xiangshu Xiao
OHSU # 1295 Naphthamides as anticancer agents inhibiting CREB-mediated gene transcription Xiangshu Xiao, Bingbing Li