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OHSU # 2982 — COVID-19 vaccination training video

Technology Overview

This training video provides comprehensive training on COVID-19 vaccinations and key aspects of a COVID-19 mass immunization program.  It is a one-stop shop resource to train participants to be able to provide safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations.  This training is being used by 58 counties in California through the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

This video was used to train OHSU vaccinators, including Day 2 nursing students.  We carried out 27,000 shots in a little over one month.

This COVID-19 Vaccination Training Video, approximately 60 mins long, presents different key topics such as objectives of a vaccination program, benefits of getting vaccinated, reviewing different types of COVID-19 vaccines and how emergency authorization is issued.  It discusses and compares the two COVID-19 vaccines authorized by FDA for emergency use (Pfizer and Moderna), how they work, its safety and efficacy, ensuring proper handling and storage, best practices for administration, documentation, and setting up/designing a mass immunization clinic.

The video can be found here.  It includes information from the CDC on recognizing, managing, and reporting of adverse events following vaccination.

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