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Technology Overview

OHSU # 2915 — EAR Tool: external auricular retrieval tool


A simple low-cost device to remove foreign objects from even small child-sized ear canals, potentially decreasing patient anxiety and the need for more expensive and invasive procedures.

Technology Overview

Objects lodged in ears of children are a frequent reason for emergency department visits, but no retrieval tools exist that are small enough for child-sized ear canals and deep sedation and/or surgery are often required to remove the objects. OHSU researcher and emergency room physician Dr. David Sheridan has designed a simple device, called the external auricular retrieval (EAR) tool to simplify the process of removing foreign objects from the ear and reduce the overall time and expense needed to treat these patients.

Features of the EAR tool include:

  • Low-cost single-use design intended as an add-on to standard otoscopes, making the device easy-to-use and familiar to physicians.
  • A speculum attachment that fits onto an otoscope, allowing for deeper access into small ear canals.
  • Suction mechanism of action, compatible with standard hospital tubing.
  • Adhesive speculum tip to adhere to foreign objects and further assist in their removal

Licensing Opportunity

This technology is available for licensing.




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