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Technology Overview

OHSU # 1285 — C-Terminal Binding Protein (CtBP) single isoform lentiviral stable cell lines

Technology Overview
These cell lines re-introduce CtBP wild type and functional mutant isoforms (both CtBP1 and 2) back into a CtBP1+2 null mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) line.  These cells contain lentiviral-introduced protein encoding sequences that allow for stable expression of physiologic levels of CtBP isoforms under the tetracycline operon regulated promoter.  This results in a cell in which either the wild type or mutant CtBP (1 or 2) is expressed in isolation, allowing study of gene specific regulatory events that are thought to be reliant upon CtBP.

These lines allow for stable, in vivo, expression of a single isoform of CtBP at near physiologic levels and allow for examination of single, specific functional point mutants in the absence of any wild type CtBP, thereby allowing study on the effects of a specific biochemical disruption on an in vivo genomic promoter and its repression/activation.

Cell lines (17 in total) have been created with wild type or mutant CtBP1 (13 lines) or CtBP2 (4 lines).  All have been tested by Western blot to express the correct protein.  The cell lines are ready to use as frozen cell stocks. The plasmids used to make the cell lines and the viruses synthesized from the plasmid constructs used to make the cell lines are also available.

Licensing Opportunity
The cell lines, plasmids and viruses are available for non-exclusive licensing.