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Technology Overview

OHSU # 2365 — Jejunal/enteral tube fixation and locking device


A fastener device with a novel locking mechanism to attach jejunal/enteral feeding tubes in gastrointestinal surgery.

Technology Overview

Products currently used by surgeons comprise 4 independent T-fasteners to fix a segment of bowel to the inside of the abdominal wall. A flexible feeding tube is then inserted through the abdominal wall and attached via the fasteners. Problems occur when the fasteners break necessitating surgical intervention, as well as increased pain and skin infections.

The current product consolidates the alignment of the 4 fasteners in a novel housing assembly with an additional locking mechanism for T-fastener thread attachment.  Potential advantages of the OHSU device include:

  • Decrease post-surgery rate of infection.
  • Increase patient comfort by decreasing pain.
  • Reduce operating room time by 10-15 minutes.
  • Reduce follow on surgery currently done to correct device failure.

 Licensing Opportunity

 This device is available for licensing.







Published United States WO 2018/067619
Issued United States 11,213,461