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OHSU # 2142 — Super-Resolution Image Analysis for 2D/3D Reconstruction

A professor at Oregon Health & Science University has developed a novel algorithm that can be incorporated into digital imaging systems to create super-resolution (SR) images beyond the camera Nyquist frequency. The broad utility of the algorithm enables sharper, more detailed images to be reconstructed from sensitive imaging instruments such as:


• Electron microscopes             • Medical CT imaging

  • Light microscopes                   • Photograph cameras

  • Telescopes                                • Surveillance imaging


Single-Particle EM Reconstruction (A) A reconstructed SR density map (gold) of the 20S protesome, in which the resolution has reached 5.3 Å (the Nyquist frequency of raw images is 8.0 Å). (B) For comparison, the 3D reconstruction by the conventional method (gray) using the same data is at much lower resolution.




For more information, contact:

Trina Voss
Technology Development Manager