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Therapeutics - Infectious Diseases

OHSU ID Name Inventors
OHSU # 2907 Small molecule activates innate immune responses controlled by the human protein STING. Victor DeFilippis, Jinu Abraham, Sara Botto
OHSU # 2757 Clickable, photoactivatable NAD+ analogues as probes for PARP and other NAD+-binding targets Sunil Sundalam, Michael Cohen
OHSU # 1688 Cloroquine Replacement Drugs Michael Riscoe, Rolf Winter, Sovitj Pou, David Hinrichs, Jane Kelly, Yuexin Li, Aaron Nilsen
OHSU # 1601 siRNA sequence and method for treating dengue virus infection David Stein, Stuart Perry, Sujan Shresta, Klaus Frueh
OHSU # 1325 Compounds for treating parasitic disease. Michael Riscoe, Rolf Winter, David Hinrichs
OHSU # 1238 Compounds having antiparasitic or anti-infectious activity Michael Riscoe, Rolf Winter, Jane Kelly, David Hinrichs, Martin Smilkstein, Aaron Nilsen
OHSU # 0726 Antiviral Drug Discovery for AIDS: The HIV-1 Vif Protein David Kabat, Mariana Marin, Susan Kozak, Kristine Rose