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Jan 15, 2017
Bikes and TriMet

When buses, trains and bikes share the road, it's even more important to practice safe driving and safe riding. Cyclists can help by following a few simple "rules of the road."

Source: TriMet

Jan 15, 2017
How to Promote Bicycle Commuting

Read on to find a variety of benefits employers can offer their employees to encourage them to pedal to work.

Source: BTWD

Jun 01, 2016
City of Portland PBOT: Portland Bike Maps and Trip Planning

Find the best routes to get around Portland actively - low traffic streets, intersections with traffic signals, bike shops, and more.

Source: Portland PBOT

Jan 01, 2016
Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Mode Plan

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a statewide policy plan and serves as an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP), which covers all modes of transportation in the state of Oregon.

Source: ODOT

Sep 01, 2015
Bicyclist Deaths Associated with Motor Vehicle Traffic — United States, 1975–2012

Although bicycles account for only about 1% of trips across all modes of transportation, on a per trip basis, bicyclists die on U.S. roads at a rate double that of vehicle occupants

Source: CDC

Sep 01, 2013
Bike Commuting Tips and Tricks

Thinking of biking to work? Get tips from regular riders on bike commuting.

Source: YouTube

Jul 01, 2013
Get Behind It: The Bike Box

This brochure provides information to cyclists and drivers about Portland's Bike Boxes, an intersection safety design.

Source: City of Portland

Nov 01, 2009
The Street Trust

The Street Trust ® is a non-profit membership organization working to promote and improve public transit, walking bicycling conditions in Oregon. Since 1990,

Source: The Street TRust

Nov 01, 2009
League of American Bicyclists

For generations past and to come, The League represents bicyclists in the movement to create
 safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle- friendly America. T

Source: League of American Bicyclists

Nov 01, 2009
The Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation

IBPI’s aim is to advance bicycling and walking as integral elements of the transportation system in Oregon’s communities.

Source: PSU