Cell Towers

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Jan 20, 2017
OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration addresses what standards apply to radiofrequency and microwave radiation, health effects related to exposure, examples of safety programs and more.

Source: OSHA

Jan 20, 2017
NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields)


This topic page addresses NIOSH research on protecting workers from proven and possible EMF health risks and provides access to NIOSH publications.

Source: NIOSH

Aug 01, 2016
Reality Check: Invisible risks of radio frequency radiation, and the best strategies for protection


This opinion piece by RCR Wireless, addresses some of the recent discussions regarding cell tower and radio frequency hazards.

Source: RCR Wireless News

Aug 01, 2016
RF Safety FAQ


Frequently asked questions about the safety of radiofrequency (RF) and microwave emissions from transmitters and facilities regulated by the FCC.

Source: FCC

Aug 01, 2016
RF exposure to Humans, and much more


This privately maintained blog discusses the effects of RF on the human body, specifically the tower climber.

Source: Wade4Wireless

Aug 01, 2016
The electrical worker online: IBEW to OSHA- Investigate Potential Radiation Dangers


This September 2015 Electrical Worker online issue addresses potential radiation dangers for workers near cell towers.

Source: IBEW