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Dec 30, 2019
A Construction Company Embraces Frank Talk About Mental Health To Reduce Suicide

National Public Radio's Morning Edition presents this story about how RK, a construction company, has made advances by prioritizing the importance of mental health and suicide prevention strategies.

Source: NPR

Oct 29, 2019
A Report of Findings to Direct the Development of National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention: Executive Summary

The ultimate purpose of the exploratory analysis is to guide the development an interactive, accessible and effective on-line tool designed help employers and others achieve a “zero suicide mindset” and implement best practices to reduce the tragedy of suicide, as prepared by American Association of Suicidology, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and United Suicide Survivors International.

Source: Workplace Suicide Prevention

Aug 23, 2019
The role of co-workers in preventing suicide

This brief sheet, created by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, provides basic information to help employees recognize and respond to their coworkers who may be suicidal or at high risk. It also contains a list of relevant resource materials and organizations.

Source: SPRC

Aug 22, 2019
Mental Illness and the Workplace

This article, written by Theresa Agovino for the August 3, 2019 SHRM newsletter, discusses how companies are ramping up their efforts to navigate the mental health epidemic.


Jul 24, 2019
EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit: Resources for Fostering a Mentally Healthy Workplace

EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit is a gateway to background, tools and resources that can help employers learn more about mental health issues and cultivate a welcoming and supportive work environment for employees who may be facing mental health issues.

Source: EARN

May 28, 2019
How mental health checks may help restaurant workers temper destructive stress

The Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) shares how after a series of high-profile suicides last year, one restaurant owner in Sacramento, California, decided to confront a problem plaguing kitchens around the country.

Source: PBS

Apr 09, 2019
Trauma Informed Care Training Modules

Trauma Informed Oregon's Introduction to TIC Online Training Modules include four self-directed modules that walk you through the basics of trauma informed care, as well as an introduction and closing video.

Source: TIO

Mar 15, 2019
National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide

The Action Alliance, in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Entertainment Industries Council developed the National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide which aim to help members of the entertainment industry - content creators, scriptwriters, producers - tell more balanced and authentic stories involving suicide and suicide prevention.

Source: National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Dec 17, 2018
Healthy workers, thriving companies - a practical guide to wellbeing at work

Tailored to the needs of micro and small businesses, the guide suggests a straightforward five-step process for improving the work environment to tackle work-related psychosocial risks and musculoskeletal disorders, as provided by EU-OSHA.

Source: EU-OSHA

Nov 26, 2018
Mental Health & Suicide Prevention: SafeBuild Alliance Resources

SafeBuild Alliance has completed an Oregon OSHA training grant designed to educate construction workers on mental health and suicide prevention. Funded at the end of 2017, this grant was awarded to provide information to construction workers and their families about how to get help and how to intervene.

Source: SafeBuild Alliance