Police and Law Enforcement

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Apr 22, 2019
Fighting Stress in the Law Enforcement Community


This article summarizes research related to stress, and the impact of stress on police and corrections officers, written by Jim Dawson & National Institute for Justice and published: 04/22/2019.

Source: Corrections.com

Feb 27, 2018
Nonfatal Injuries to Law Enforcement Officers: A Rise in Assaults


This article in press of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, shares National Electronic Injury Surveillance System−Occupational Supplement data demonstrate a significant upward trend in assault injuries among U.S. law enforcement officers and this warrants further investigation.

Source: AJPM

Jan 12, 2017
Special Feature: Law Enforcement Resources - Health, Safety, and Survival


This Special Feature of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service provides access to Law Enforcement Resources addressing officer Health, Safety, and Survival.

Source: NCJRS

Jan 12, 2017
Causes of Officer Stress and Fatigue


For law enforcement officers, stress can increase fatigue to the point that decision-making is impaired and officers cannot properly protect themselves or citizens.

Source: NIJ

Jan 12, 2017
National Officer Safety and Wellness Group


The National Officer Safety and Wellness (OSW) Group brings together representatives from law enforcement, federal agencies, and the research community to address the significantly high number of officer gunfire fatalities and to improve officer safety and wellness

Source: USDOJ

Aug 01, 2015
Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle Safety


NIOSH has several research activities and publications focusing on motor vehicle safety for law enforcement officers. Law enforcement agencies and officers can use the following resources to reduce crashes and motor-vehicle related fatalities.

Source: NIOSH

Feb 01, 2015
ake Charge of Your Safety In and Around Your Patrol Vehicle


Motor vehicle events, including crashes and being struck by vehicles while outside your patrol car, are the leading cause of death among law enforcement officers. There are five simple things you can do to take control of your safety inside and outside of the patrol car.

Source: NIOSH

Apr 01, 2012
Stress and Health in Law Enforcement


This NIOSH Science Blog addresses recently releasedresearch from the Buffalo Cardio-Metabolic Occupational Police Stress (BCOPS) study and from related studies of morbidity and mortality among police officers

Source: NIOSH

Feb 01, 2012
Emergency Services: A Literature Review on Occupational Safety and Health Risks


This literature review summarizes the growing issue of better protection for emergency workers against he occupational safety and health (OSH) risks faced in this profession. The demands made upon emergency workers, as well as OSH risks they are exposed to, will rise as they are confronted with events greater in both number and severity.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

Nov 01, 2010
VALOR (Violence Against Law Officer Research) Project


The goal of the VALOR (Violence Against Law Officer Research) Project is to EMPOWER OFFICERS and SAVE LIVES through evidence-based research.

Source: VALOR