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Jan 22, 2017
OSHA Assistance for the Maritime Industry

These pages are part of OSHA's commitment to provide employers and maritime workers with information and assistance to help in complying with OSHA standards and in ensuring a safe workplace.

Source: OSHA

Apr 01, 2011
Safety and Health Injury Prevention: Working with the Shipyard Industry - Process Rigging

OSHA issued a new Safety and Health Injury Prevention Sheet to help protect workers against hazards posed during rigging operations in shipyards.

Source: OSHA

Dec 01, 2010
OSHA Shipyard Employment: Shipbreaking etoo

This resource provides safety and health information related to the shipbreaking processes.

Source: os

Feb 01, 2010
OSHA Quickcard: Gangway Safety in Marine Cargo Handling

Gangway Safety in Marine Cargo Handling lists safety requirements for preventing falls from gangways, the walkways used for boarding and departing vessels.

Source: OSHA

Feb 01, 2010
OSHA Quickcard: First Aid in Marine Cargo Handling

First Aid in Marine Cargo Handling explains workplace requirements such as assuring at least one person with a valid first-aid certificate is available at the terminal to provide medical assistance.

Source: OSHA

Jan 01, 2007
Abrasive Blasting Hazards in Shipyard Employment

OSHA developed this document to alert shipyard employers and their employees about abrasive blasting hazards and the controls that can be implemented to reduce, avoid or eliminate them.

Source: OSHA

Sep 01, 2006
Longshoring and Marine Terminals: Fatal Facts

This document is comprised of guidesheets that address the most frequent sources of fatalities in the maritime cargo handling industry.

Source: OSHA