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Jan 23, 2017
American Lyme Disease Foundation

The American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. is a pro-active organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

Source: ALDF

Jan 23, 2017
Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA), an organization which expanded its focus nationally about 5 years ago, is dedicated to Lyme disease education, prevention, and raising research dollars.

Source: LDA

Jan 23, 2017
Columbia University Lyme Disease Research Studies

The Lyme Disease Research Program of the New York State Psychiatric Institute is the first in the United States to focus research efforts on the neuropsychiatric aspects of Chronic Lyme Disease in adults and children.

Source: Columbia University

Jan 23, 2017
Ticks and Tick Bites

Learn about Tick Bite Prevention, Diseases Transmitted by Ticks, Biology of Ticks, and Controlling Ticks.

Source: NPIC