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Nov 26, 2018
“Do No Harm” — Healthcare Workers and Aggressive Patient Behavior

While 20% of all workplace injuries happen to healthcare professionals, healthcare workers suffer 50% of assaults. Of assaults on healthcare workers, 80% of violent incidents resulted from interacting with a patient.

Source: Liberty Mutual

Oct 26, 2018
Survey Finds Widespread 'Moral Distress' Among Veterinarians

This article by National Public Radio reports about a new study on veterinarians and mental health that say vet school should include more training on how to cope with the moral distress vets face when asked by pet owners to do things that are against their medical judgment.

Source: NPR

Sep 25, 2018
CPH-NEW Continuing Education: Ergonomics in Healthcare

The Ergonomics in Healthcare program consists of six learning modules, each between 9-28 minutes in length, plus case studies, videos, and reference materials. This program meets the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing at 244 CMR 5.00 for 5 contact hours.

Source: CPH-NEW

Feb 22, 2018
MSI Risk Assessment and Control for Client Handling

This guide is for facilities and organizations whose workers handle clients during the course of their work and is designed to help assess and minimize the associated risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI).

Source: WorkSafe BC

Jan 26, 2018
Safety Talk: Reducing lifting and bending in child care

Working with young children may involve some actions or movements that can present the risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI). In this safety talk, learn ergonomic tips about your workspace that can reduce the risk.

Source: WorkSafe BC

Dec 27, 2017
Burnout may help determine sleep quality, job performance among nurses: study

A recently released study has linked sleep disorders and burnout to certain aspects of shift work among nurses, as reported in this article by Safety + Health.

Source: NSC

Dec 27, 2017
NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topics: Work Schedules, Shift Schedules and Long Hours

Both shift work and long work hours have been associated with health and safety risks. This page provides links to NIOSH publications and other resources that address demanding work schedules.

Source: NIOSH

Nov 10, 2017
AAOHN Respiratory Protection Program

This American Association of Occupational Health Nurses' Respiratory Protection Program includes a Respiratory Protection course and accompanying resources for occupational health professionals who want to learn more about OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard and the role of the Respiratory Protection Program Administrator. Open to all.

Source: AAOHN

Sep 26, 2017
Ensuring Staff Are Safe and Healthy: The Role of Health Care Supervisors

This book is primarily for supervisors who work in health care settings, and it provides health and safety information and supervisory duties to help ensure health and safety of their staff.

Source: WorkSafe BC

Sep 15, 2017
Dementia: Understanding Risks and Preventing Violence

This book provides information on how clinical care approaches and interventions can prevent or minimize the risk of worker injury when caring for people with dementia.

Source: Worksafe BC