Eye Injuries

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Jan 27, 2017
National Eye Institute


The National Eye Institute (NEI) was established by Congress in 1968 to protect and prolong the vision of the American people.

Source: NEI

Jan 27, 2017
Prevent Blindness America


Founded in 1908, Prevent Blindness America is the nation's leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight...

Source: Prevent Blindness

Jan 27, 2017
OHSU Casey Eye Institute


The Casey Eye Institute is dedicated to meeting all your eye care needs and participates in research on eye care and eye diseases.

Source: OHSU

Jan 27, 2017
Eye Health Organizations Database


Welcome to our eye health organizations database. This tool can help you find sources of eye health-related information for the public.

Source: NEI

Jan 27, 2017
First Aid for Eyes


Proper first aid for eye injuries is critical. Eye injuries can occur when handling pesticides and other chemicals, using jumper cables, servicing farm equipment, welding or working in the fields.

Source: NASD

Jan 27, 2017
Diagram of the Eye


The National Eye Institute (NEI) is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is the Federal government’s lead agency for vision research that leads to sight-saving treatments and plays a key role in reducing visual impairment and blindness.

Source: NIH

Jan 27, 2017
Eye Injury Resources from MEDLINEplus


This topic page addresses conditions related to eye injuries, prevention and treatment.


Jan 27, 2017
OSHA Eye and Face Protection


Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented with the proper selection and use of eye and face protection.

Source: OSHA

Jan 27, 2017
Eye Protection - Training Kit


ou may use this slide presentation to comply with the training requirements of the WISHA Core Rule requirements for personal protective equipment – eye protection.

Source: WA Department L&I

Jan 27, 2017
NIOSH Topic Page: Eye Protection for Infection Control


Guidance on the selection of eye protection when working around infectious substances.

Source: NIOSH