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Jan 17, 2017
NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation: Evaluating a Persistent Nuisance Odor in an Office Building

HHE Program investigators evaluated a persistent chemical odor in an office that employees believed was the cause of their symptoms. Six out of eight employees described the odor as similar to glue, adhesive, plastic, chemical, or a cleaner.

Source: NIOSH

Dec 01, 2015
Green office environments linked with higher cognitive function scores

A new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and Syracuse University addresses how "green" office environments may be linked with higher cognition.

Source: Harvard School of Public Health

Oct 01, 2013
NIOSH Health Hazard Report: Work Environment Study- Association between Health and Comfort Concerns and Environmental Concerns (PDF)

This evaluation of the Madison Building has been performed by a team of researchers from NIOSH, EPA, NIST, and others.

Source: NIOSH

Oct 01, 2012
'Normal' CO2 Levels Slow Brain Function

Indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) within the normal range correlated with significant declines in human decision-making performance, results of a small clinical study showed.

Source: MedPage Today

Jun 01, 2007
National Center for Healthy Housing


Source: National Center for Healthy Housing

Jan 01, 2007
Indoor Air Quality and Personal Exposure Assessment Program

Welcome to the California Air Resources Board's Indoor Program website. We hope you find this site useful. Each title links to several items. Please consider subscribing to any of our Indoor Air Quality email lists.

Source: Cal ARB

Jan 01, 2007
Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality

This web page was prepared by the Indoor Environment Department (IED) Staff of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It contains results of recent research concerning ventilation and indoor air quality. The audience for this website is meant to be building managers, architects, and other building professionals.

Source: DOE

Apr 01, 2005
National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services: Indoor Air Quality

NLM provides an extensive compilation of internet resources on indoor air quality including documents on specific environments, biological and chemical agents, regulations and policy, glossaries, organizations, and Spanish language documents.

Source: NLM