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Sep 25, 2018
CPH-NEW Continuing Education: Ergonomics in Healthcare

The Ergonomics in Healthcare program consists of six learning modules, each between 9-28 minutes in length, plus case studies, videos, and reference materials. This program meets the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing at 244 CMR 5.00 for 5 contact hours.

Source: CPH-NEW

Feb 22, 2018
MSI Risk Assessment and Control for Client Handling

This guide is for facilities and organizations whose workers handle clients during the course of their work and is designed to help assess and minimize the associated risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI).

Source: WorkSafe BC

Jan 26, 2017
Oregon OSHA Healthcare Topic Page

Hospitals, ambulatory health care services, nursing and residential care facilities, and social assistance services all fall under the health care label. Find resources for issues related to healthcare.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Jan 26, 2017
Injury Prevention Resources for Health Care - Patient Handling

The following links list tools, publications, and other resources to help prevent the most common injuries and illnesses in the health care industry as related to patient handling.

Source: WorkSafe BC

Jan 26, 2017
Oregon Coalition for Health Care Ergonomics (OCHE) website

The purpose of this website is to provide a wide range of current information about health care ergonomics to health care safety and ergonomics professionals, providers, organizations, employees, and consumers.

Source: OCHE

Jun 01, 2016
Safe Patient Handling Programs: Effectiveness and Cost Savings

This document gives administrators a business case for investing in safe patient handling programs, policies, and equipment, based on real-life findings from hospitals across the United States.

Source: OSHA

May 01, 2015
NIOSH Science Blog: Higher Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Law Improves Nurse Injury Rates by One-Third

California is the only state with a law governing minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. The ratios vary depending on the type of hospital service but are in the range of one nurse for every five patients. This blog addresses findings related to this ratio and nurse injury.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2010
Safe Patient Handling Training for Schools of Nursing

This site allows access to the NIOSH “Safe Patient Handling and Movement” along with safe patient handling training for nursing schools.

Source: CDC

Sep 01, 2009
WISHA Online Safety Courses: Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes

Subjects covered: How to develop an ergonomics process to protect workers; Benefits of implementing an ergonomics process; Identify and analyze problem jobs in nursing homes; and Recognize practical solutions to address problem jobs.

Source: WA Department L&I

Apr 01, 2006
NIOSH Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents

This guide is intended for nursing home owners, administrators, nurse managers, safety and health professionals, and workers who are interested in establishing a safe resident lifting program.

Source: NIOSH