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Mar 15, 2019
National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide

The Action Alliance, in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Entertainment Industries Council developed the National Recommendations for Depicting Suicide which aim to help members of the entertainment industry - content creators, scriptwriters, producers - tell more balanced and authentic stories involving suicide and suicide prevention.

Source: National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Jan 13, 2017
NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Body Art

The body art industry is unique because its artists express themselves through living art, but in doing so, artists may also come in contact with their client's blood. Because of this, tattoo artists and body piercers may also be exposed to a bloodborne pathogen such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Source: NIOSH

Jan 13, 2017
Developing Environmental Safety in the Arts - Princeton's Approach

This presentation was provided by Princeton's University Assistant Director for EH&S at the 2005 workshop "Art and the Environment: A Regulatory Workshop for Art Colleges and University Art Programs".

Source: Princeton University

Jun 01, 2016
WorkSafe BC resources for Motion Picture Industry

Here you'll find WorkSafe BC's links to health and safety information and resources for motion pictures.

Source: WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC

Aug 01, 2015
OSHA Woodworking eTool Health hazards

Exposure to wood dust has long been associated with a variety of adverse health effects, including dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects, and cancer.

Source: OSHA

Jun 01, 2015
NIOSH Workplace Solutions: Reducing the Risk of Hearing Disorders Among Musicians (PDF)

NIOSH examines risks associated with music exposure and provides recommendations to protect hearing.

Source: NIOSH

Nov 01, 2013
A.C.T.S. - Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety

ACTS publishes short data sheets (from 1 to 10 pages) on over 60 different technical subjects related to health and safety in art and theater. The following are some of our most requested data sheets. We will mail single copies of data sheets free to those providing a postal address. People requesting more than one data sheet are asked to send $ .25 per page to help ACTS pay for copy and mailing costs.

Source: A.R.T.S.

Feb 01, 2013
Performing Arts Safety Primer: Working at Heights (PDF)

This primer, provided by Actsafe, describes health and safety requirements and work practices for working at heights in performing arts applications.

Source: Actsafe

Jun 01, 2012
Safety and Health in the Theater: Keeping Tragedy out of the Comedies…and Musicals…and Dramas

The idea for this blog on hazards in the theater actually came from a comment on the NIOSH blog post on polyurethane spray foam. The reader noted that spray foam is used in theatrical scenery and in his case, without proper respiratory protection. In addition to the potential exposure to fumes from spray foam, set designers face many of the hazards faced in the construction industry.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2012
Motion Picture Safety Primer - Production (PDF)

This primer, provided by Actsafe, describes safety guidelines and requirements for the various departments and specialized activities that may occur during a production.

Source: Actsafe