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Jan 26, 2017
Return to Work Knowledge Base

The information on this site is designed for employees and their families, RTW coordinators and managers, supervisors, human resource staff, senior managers, claims and injury managers, treating practitioners including doctors and physiotherapists, unions, rehabilitation professionals and policy makers.

Source: IRSST

Jan 26, 2017
Oregon Workers' Compensation Division Information for Injured Workers

The page addresses questions and answers regarding on-the-job injuries and lists contacts and resources for employees.

Source: Oregon WCD

Jun 01, 2016
Research review on rehabilitation and return to work

The objective of the review is to provide an up-to-date summary of knowledge regarding vocational rehabilitation and return- to-work systems, programmes and interventions and their different components.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

Aug 01, 2015
Treating the Whole Person

The biopsychosocial piece of workers’ compensation and return-to-work is getting more and more attention. Aug. 2015 issue of Risk & Insurance.

Source: Risk and Insurance

Jun 01, 2014
Guide to an Integrated Practices Program for Supporting a Return to Work and Promoting Job Retention

This practical guide was designed to help develop a process for assisting and supporting the return to work of employees who have been absent from work for mental health reasons

Source: IRSST

Jun 01, 2013
NIOSH Center for Workers’ Compensation Studies (CWCS)

The mission of the CWCS is to use workers’ compensation data to prevent and reduce the severity of workplace injuries and illnesses.


Jun 01, 2012
What Happens If I'm Hurt on the Job?

A guide to Oregon's workers' compensation benefits, rights, and responsibilities provided by the Department of Consumer and Business Services Workers' Compensation Division.

Source: Oregon WCD