Accident Investigations

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Jul 23, 2018
Workplace Incident Cost Calculator

This calculator, developed by WorkSafe BC, uses sample incident and injury scenarios to show why a safe workplace is good business.

Source: WorkSafe BC

May 16, 2017
Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet: Post-incident drug and alcohol testing

This fact sheet clarifies confusion that may exist about Oregon OSHA's rules prohibiting retaliating against employees for reporting work-related injuries, and employer drug testing policies.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Jan 26, 2017
WorkSafe BC Accident Investigation Porta

Investigation reports, slide shows, and more about WorkSafeBC accident investigations, plus information about how to conduct an employer's investigation

Source: WorkSafe BC

Jan 22, 2017
OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Accident Investigation

Investigating a worksite incident— a fatality, injury, illness, or close call— provides employers and workers the opportunity to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it enables employers and workers to identify and implement the corrective actions necessary to prevent future incidents.

Source: OSHA

Dec 01, 2016
Moving forward: Helping workers cope after they witness a serious incident

This November 2015 article is provided by the National Safety Council's Safety and Health publication.

Source: NSC

Feb 01, 2016
Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet Plus: Recording and posting work-related incidents

This Oregon OSHA Fact sheet describes requirements for companies on reporting and posting work-related incidents.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Jan 01, 2016
Oregon OSHA Reporting Requirements for Employers

This pocket-sized card outlines the Oregon OSHA reporting requirements for 2016.

Source: Oregon OSHA