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Jan 27, 2017
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Ebola topic page


This general topic page addresses many public and human health issues related to the Ebola virus and outbreak.

Source: CDC

Jan 27, 2017
OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Ebola


This web page provides information about Ebola viruses a for workers and employers.

Source: OSHA

Jan 05, 2017
NFPA: First Responder Protective Clothing and Equipment Lessons Learned from Ebola Patient Response


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) journal recently interviewed Bill Haskell of NIOSH regarding the planned revisions to NFPA 1999, Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Operations.

Source: NFPA

Jan 01, 2015
Communicating Uncertainty — Ebola, Public Health, and the Scientific Process


This article by Lisa Rosenbaum, MD, appears in the January 2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Source: NEJM

Jan 01, 2015
Preventing Worker Fatigue Among Ebola Healthcare Workers and Responders


These guidelines address potential fatigue issues affecting healthcare workers and responders involved with cases related to Ebola in the United States.

Source: NIOSH

Aug 01, 2014
NIOSH Workplace Safety & Health Topics: Emerging Infectious Diseases


Emerging infectious diseases are those whose incidence in humans has increased in the past 2 decades or threaten to increase in the near future.

Source: CDC