Buildings and Evacuations

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Jan 29, 2017
Evacuation Plans and Procedures eTool

Guidance for retail businesses on implementing an emergency action plan. Also includes information on workplace evaluation, education and training.

Source: OSHA

Jan 29, 2017
Evacuation Planning Matrix

OSHA developed this Evacuation Planning Matrix to provide employers with planning considerations and on-line resources that may help employers reduce their vulnerability to a terrorist act or the impact of a terrorist release.

Source: OSHA

Sep 01, 2015
Fire Safety Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems

The purpose of this manual is to increase the safety of emergency responders and building occupants by providing information about how firefighters typically interact with building features and fire protection systems during fires.

Source: OSHA

Aug 01, 2005
Emergency Exit Routes Pocket Card

This OSHA Quick Card shares tips for planning safe evacuation from a building during an emergency.

Source: OSHA