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Jan 25, 2019
Recorded webinar: Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response for the Workplace: From awareness to action

This symposium was provided by OccHealthSci on Nov. 30, 2019 and approaches emergency management, disaster planning, and business continuity through a refreshing lens: psychology. Why is it that some organizations thrive, while others fail, when threatened with uncertainty? See the webinar recording here.

Source: OccHealthSci

Jan 29, 2017
Medline: Disaster Preparation and Recovery

Resources on disaster recovery for homes and businesses are provided on this website.


Jan 29, 2017
American Red Cross: Be Prepared

Disaster preparedness: Terrorism, Power Outage, Family Disaster Planning, Children & Disasters, Special Needs & Concerns, Animal Safety, Financial Preparations

Source: American Red Cross

Jan 29, 2017

Ready is a national public servicecampaign created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks.

Source: Ready

Jan 29, 2017
Public Health Preparedness Capabilities:National Standards for State and Local Planning

These Standards provide a guide that state and local jurisdictions can use to better organize their work, plan their priorities, and decide which capabilities they have the resources to build or sustain.

Source: CDC

Jan 29, 2017
Public Health Practices -Emergency Preparedness and Response

400+ practices from 48 states for emergency preparedness & response.

Source: UMN

Jan 29, 2017
Oregon Office of Emergency Management: Earthquakes

Visit this site for access to resources from Oregon Office of Emergency Management related to earthquake response and preparedness, including publications and videos.

Source: OEM

Jan 29, 2017
Emergency Management Institute Distance Learning

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers self-paced courses designed for people who have emergency management responsibilities and the general public.

Source: FEMA

Jan 28, 2017
Special collection: Fire Prevention and Public Education Exchange

The Fire Prevention and Public Education Exchange serves as a centralized location for national, state and local fire prevention and life safety practices and public education materials that organizations may wish to share with other communities.

Source: FEMA

Jan 28, 2017
OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Emergency Preparedness and Response

These Emergency Preparedness and Response pages provide information on how to prepare and train for emergencies and the hazards to be aware of when an emergency occurs. The pages provide information for employers and workers across industries.

Source: OSHA