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Dec 05, 2017
Fostering Healthy, Resilient Schools to Address Chronic Stress: A White Paper from OEA Choice Trust


This white paper by OEA Choice Trust examines the chronic stress and low morale that have become so pervasive in today’s school communities – its causes and the toll it has on all involved. It also explores the power and potential of resiliency and the key role it can play in reducing stress and improving outcomes across an entire school system.

Source: OEA Choice

Aug 01, 2016
When Teachers Take A Breath, Students Can Bloom


National Public Radio discusses the first mindfulness program to be studied with funding from the U.S. Department of Education — that is aimed at teachers, not directly at students.

Source: NPR

Mar 01, 2016
Eat Smart Move More: Energizers for School


Elementary and middle school energizers are classroom-based physical activities that help teachers integrate physical activity with academic concepts.

Source: Eat Smart Move More NC