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Jul 17, 2019
Workplace Aggression: Tips for Education and Schools

In response to our 2019 Spring Symposium, we determined a need to consolidate and curate resources addressing workplace aggression that might be specific to and most useful for those working in education and schools. While this page doesn't completely capture everything available on the topic, it does provide important basic resources.

Source: OccHealthSci

Feb 26, 2019
Teachers Union Report Warns Of 'Crisis' From Disruptive Student Behavior

A new report from the Oregon Education Association comes from outreach to 2,000 teachers over nearly a year, aiming to press the case to lawmakers that addressing childhood trauma — and its dramatic effects on public school classrooms — should be a top priority for additional investment and policy changes. This article includes a link to the OEA document.

Source: OPB

Jan 22, 2019
SASH (School Action for Safety and Health): Preventing injuries from student behaviors

Tip Sheet for preventing injuries from student behaviors provided by LOHP.

Source: LOHP

Aug 01, 2013
CDC: Safe Youth. Safe Schools.

Keep children safe. While our nation's schools are expected to be safe havens for learning, unintentional injuries and even violence can occur, disrupting the educational process and negatively affecting the school and surrounding community

Source: CDC

Aug 01, 2008
NIOSH Science Blog: Violence Against Teachers and School Staff

Because of an increase in the prevalence of school-based policies aimed at reducing violence in youth and recent reports suggesting that teachers and other school staff may face daily threats of workplace violence.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2008
Public Playground Safety Handbook (Updated 2015) (PDF)

This handbook presents safety information for public play-ground equipment in the form of guidelines. Publication of this handbook is expected to promote greater safety aware- ness among those who purchase, install, and maintain public playground equipment.

Source: CPSC

Oct 01, 2007
Building a Culture of Safety - An Educational Tool: How to participate in your own safety on campus

The tool, provided by Andrews International and available in English and Spanish, contains critical components of taking responsibility for our own safety, including a reminder to be alert and aware at all times, not only of our surroundings, but who surrounds us. The tool also contains vital information about identifying varying types of aggression, knowing when a situation is beyond our control and knowing the benefit of who to report to in those circumstances.

Source: Andrews International

Sep 01, 2006
Classroom Guide to Fire Safety

Classroom Fire Safety Poster The Oregon Fire Marshals Association (OFMA), in partnership with the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM), has developed a Teachers Guide to Fire Safety for distribution to all Oregon schools.

Source: Oregon State Fire Marshal