Occupational Health and Safety in Schools

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Jun 26, 2019
Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Toolkit for School Boards


Based on these consultation efforts, PSHSA has developed a Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Toolkit for the Education Sector (School Boards). This resource was created to protect education workers from workplace violence, prevent injuries and consequences resulting from acts of violence, and meet legal responsibilities for ensuring healthy and safe workplaces.

Source: PSHSA.ca

Jun 26, 2019
Recorded webinar: Workplace Aggression June 7, 2019


This full-day symposium on "Best Practices to Prevent, Identify, and Safely Mitigate Aggressive Behavior and Violence" occurred on Friday, June 7, 2019 from 9 AM - 4 PM as sponsored by the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center; Co-sponsor: Continuing Education Program, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington. This site provides access to handouts and recorded webinars.

Source: OccHealthSci

Jan 26, 2018
Safety Talk: Reducing lifting and bending in child care


Working with young children may involve some actions or movements that can present the risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI). In this safety talk, learn ergonomic tips about your workspace that can reduce the risk.

Source: WorkSafe BC

Dec 05, 2017
Fostering Healthy, Resilient Schools to Address Chronic Stress: A White Paper from OEA Choice Trust


This white paper by OEA Choice Trust examines the chronic stress and low morale that have become so pervasive in today’s school communities – its causes and the toll it has on all involved. It also explores the power and potential of resiliency and the key role it can play in reducing stress and improving outcomes across an entire school system.

Source: OEA Choice

Sep 05, 2017
Hazcom Training for Schools Presentation Bundle


Through its alliance with OSHA, the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (HazCom) developed a training presentation to help school staff identify chemical hazards in their workplaces and employers comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communications standard.

Source: SCHC

Jul 01, 2012
Protecting Workers Who Use Cleaning Chemicals


This INFOSHEET provides information to employers on practices to help keep workers safe when working with cleaning chemicals, including green cleaning products.

Source: NIOSH

Nov 01, 2010
Programa de NIOSH para la verificación de la seguridad en las escuelas Listas para verificar la seguridad


Los administradores, coordinadores y maestros saben que sus escuelas deben cumplir con las normas estatales o federales de la Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacionales. Sin embargo, esta tarea puede parecer abrumadora.

Source: NIOSH

Aug 01, 2010
NIOSH Safety Checklist Program for Schools and Other Safety Databases


The NIOSH Safety Checklist Program for Schools CD-ROM includes safety checklists and safety and health materials targeted to issues present in schools. Users can create a CD directly from this webpage.

Source: NIOSH

Nov 01, 2008
MMWR Weekly: Hazardous Chemical Incidents in Schools - United States, 2002-2007


The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) conducts national public health surveillance of chemical incidents through its Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES) system.

Source: CDC

Dec 01, 2006
A Clean Sweep: Safe Work Practices for Custodians (PDF)


The purpose of this guide, developed by British Columbia School Safety Association and WorkSafeBC, is to show ways of making custodial work safer and easier so that the risks of sprain and strain injuries are reduced

Source: WorkSafe Online