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Dec 30, 2019
A Construction Company Embraces Frank Talk About Mental Health To Reduce Suicide


National Public Radio's Morning Edition presents this story about how RK, a construction company, has made advances by prioritizing the importance of mental health and suicide prevention strategies.

Source: NPR

Sep 27, 2018
Construction workers are uniquely at risk for heroin overdoses, study finds


This article discusses unique substance use and abuse within the construction industry.

Source: The Inquirer

Feb 27, 2018
Solutions for Tree Care Hazards


OSHA’s new resource, Solutions for Tree Care Hazards, highlights common hazards in the tree care industry, and provides safety measures for employers and workers.

Source: OSHA

May 18, 2017
Utility Installation (Underground Utilities)


Did you know that the most common hazard associated with installing underground utilities is the potential cave-ins associated with the excavation operations?

Source: Washington Labor & Industries

Mar 01, 2016
NIOSH Science Blog: Traumatic Brain Injuries in Construction


This month's NIOSH Science Blog evaluates the research on traumatic brain injuries among construction workers.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2015
Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet Plus: Compressed Gas Safety (PDF)


The fact sheet provided by Oregon OSHA has been updated, and includes information on safe handling and use, general industrial requirements and more.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Jan 01, 2015
Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet Plus: Powder-actuated tools (PDF)


Powder-actuated tools , also called direct fasteners and explosive actuated fastening tools, use a small, controlled explosion to drive a nail, stud, or other specialized fastener into a solid base material such as steel, concrete, or masonry.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Jul 01, 2014
OSHA Topic Page: Demolition: Construction in Reverse, with Additional Hazards.


Demolition work involves many of the hazards associated with construction plus additional hazards due to unknown factors which makes demolition work particularly dangerous.

Source: OSHA

Jun 01, 2014
Workplace Solutions: Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths from Backing Construction Vehicles and Equipment at Roadway Construction Worksites (PDF)


NIOSH recommends that specific procedures and controls be in place at roadway construction worksites to help prevent injuries and deaths from backing construction vehicles and equipment.

Source: NIOSH

Oct 01, 2013
Riesgo eléctrico en la construcción: Información para trabajad ores no el ectricistas (PDF)


Alrededor de unos 150 trabajadores de la construcción mueren año tras año a consecuencia de descargas eléctricas, y la mayoría de ellos (unos 90) no son el ectricistas.

Source: CPWR