Biological Hazards

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May 01, 2005
Biological Hazards in Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants Hazard Alert (PDF)

During construction and maintenance of sewage and wastewater plants, workers may be killed by drowning, trench collapses, falls, confined spaces, and exposure to chlorine or hydrogen sulfide gas. The work can also make you sick.

Source: CPWR

Apr 01, 2005
NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: West Nile Virus – Recommendations to Protect Outdoor Workers from West Nile Virus Exposure

Workers at risk of WNV exposure include those working outdoors when mosquitoes are actively biting—farmers, foresters, landscapers, groundskeepers and gardeners, painters, roofers, pavers, construction workers, laborers, mechanics, and other outdoor workers.

Source: NIOSH