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Feb 01, 2012
Asbestos Hazards in Renovations, Restorations, and Demolition

Homes built prior to 1990 can contain an invisible hazard: asbestos. This video walks you through an older home, identifying the most common places asbestos is found and highlighting the importance of proper testing and removal.

Source: WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC

Aug 01, 2011
NIH-funded researchers discover genetic link to mesothelioma

The study, published online Aug. 28, 2011, in Nature Genetics, describes two U.S. families with a high incidence of mesothelioma, as well as other cancers, associated with mutations of the BAP1 gene. The research was funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, and led by scientists at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Honolulu, and Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia.

Source: NIH

Aug 01, 2006
Asbestos-Automotive Brake and Clutch Repair Work Safety and Health Information Bulletin

OSHA is issuing this Safety and Health Information Bulletin to inform employees and employers in the automotive brake repair industry of the precautions that must be taken when working with automotive brakes and clutches containing asbestos.

Source: OSHA

May 01, 2005
NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Chest Radiography - Evaluating Occupational Lung Disorders

The purpose of this Web site is to provide information to interested persons about radiograph reading as it relates to the pneumoconioses.

Source: NIOSH

Oct 01, 2004
NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Asbestos


Source: NIOSH

Oct 01, 2004
OR-OSHA Subject Index: Asbestos


Source: Oregon OSHA

Nov 01, 2002
Oregon DEQ Asbestos Program

The DEQ regulates the abatement and disposal of asbestos-containing materials from any public or private building involving demolition, renovation, repair, construction, and maintenance activities. The purpose of the DEQ asbestos rules and program is to prevent asbestos fiber release and exposure.

Source: OR DEQ

Nov 01, 2002
OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Asbestos

An estimated 1.3 million employees in construction and general industry face significant asbestos exposure on the job. Heaviest exposures occur in the construction industry, particularly during the removal of asbestos during renovation or demolition...

Source: OSHA

Nov 01, 2002
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Asbestos

EPA provides various paths for the public to access information about asbestos. On this website, you may access general information about asbestos and its health effects.

Source: EPA

Nov 01, 2002
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