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Dec 30, 2019
Positive workplace culture podcast episode

This podcast will dive into positive workplace culture by speaking Twith Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia on the power of words and narrative and how they shape our perception and our underlying assumptions. She discusses how workplace narrative can influence culture and frame policies, procedures and practices. You will learn strategies to improve the narrative in the workplace that can help create efficient, sustainable and healthy systems.

Source: OccHealthSci

Nov 25, 2019
OccHealthSci 2019 Fall Symposium: Substance Use and the Workplace

This Nov. 15, 2019 symposium presented the current knowledge regarding substance use (cannabis, alcohol, opioids, and other substances) and its impact on workplace safety and employee health. Visit the page for access to handouts and recorded webinars.

Source: OccHealthSci

Sep 27, 2019
Smoke-Ready Toolbox for Wildfires

This website, provided by the USEPA provides resources for workers and the public related to risks related to wildfires, including smoke.

Source: EPA

Aug 22, 2019
NIOSH Resources related to the Opioid Crisis

This webpage, provided by NIOSH, lists resources including tools for workplaces, research on workplaces, and general resources addressing opioid usage.

Source: NIOSH

Jul 15, 2019
The NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding Process for Chemical Risk Management

Occupational exposure banding, also known as hazard banding or health hazard banding, is a systematic process that uses qualitative and quantitative hazard information on selected health-effect endpoints to identify potential exposure ranges or categories. Overall, this document provides the background, rationale, and instructions for the occupational exposure banding process and gives guidance for risk managers to identify control levels for chemicals without authoritative OELs.

Source: NIOSH

May 28, 2019
Napo Hazard Hunter: Identification of risks and hazards

This toolkit, created by the maker of Napo films and including an interactive video, engages children in a series of fun activities to help them identify and explain safety and health risks and hazards both at school and at home. I

Source: Napo

Dec 12, 2018
Safe+Sound: Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers

This fact sheet provides guidance to help managers and business owners conduct safety walkarounds to identify hazards in the workplace and communicate with workers about hazards in their jobs.

Source: OSHA

Nov 07, 2018
OSHA Publications: eBooks

Many publications by federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now available for no cost downloads as eBooks.

Source: OSHA

Nov 06, 2018
OSHA Occupational Chemical Database

This chemical inventory is OSHA's one-stop shop for occupational chemical information. It compiles information from several government agencies and organizations, including information on: Chemical identification and physical properties; Exposure limits; Sampling information, and Additional resources.

Source: OSHA

Oct 29, 2018
Workers Using Prescription Opioids and/or Benzodiazepines Can Face Safety and Health Risks

The opioid crisis that faces the nation has a great impact on workers and NIOSH has a comprehensive program to address opioids in workers. One issue of concern is workers who use prescription opioids and/or benzodiazepines for medically appropriate reasons.

Source: NIOSH