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Apr 01, 2013
Oregon OSHA Hazard Alert: Hazard of Chain Shot in Logging


The use of high speed chain cutting systems on mechanized harvesting and processing machines can expose the operators and others to a potentially lethal hazard of chain shot.

Source: Oregon OSHA

Oct 01, 2011
Oregon OSHA Hazard Alert: Crowding the Rigging


This year, seven loggers doing cable yarding work have been injured or killed because they were not in the clear, standing too close to the turn and rigging – including lines, chokers, butt rigging, and carriages. (Oregon OSHA)

Source: Oregon OSHA

Sep 01, 2009
Protect Yourself from Pesticides - Protejase de los Pesticidas


Pesticides may be on trees, plants, and soil; in surface water; or drifting from nearby applications. Los pesticidas pueden estar en los arboles, plantas, tierra, agua superficial, o dejándose llevar por aplicaciones cercanas.

Source: Oregon OSHA

May 01, 2006
Helicopter Logging in Alaska – Surveillance and Prevention of Crashes


This publication presents recent experience with helicopter operations in Alaska, followed by a summary of the larger (U.S.) experience with this rapidly expanding industry, and recommendations for prevention of injuries

Source: UW