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Jan 16, 2017
OSHA Ergonomics: Solutions to Control Hazards

Use the information on this page to see what has worked for others in your industry or in other industries.

Source: OSHA

Jan 16, 2017
Safety & Occupational Health Success Stories

Use the drop down menu below to select a subject. Scroll to category “Ergonomics” for redesign and safety success stories relating to ergonomics hazards.

Source: U.S. Navy

Jan 16, 2017
SAIF Topic: Ergonomic Solutions

Learn about ergonomic workstations, mobile devices, proper posture, stretching, and more.

Source: SAIF

Feb 01, 2011
Lessons Learned: Solutions for Workplace Safety and Health

This report, released by Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, University of Massachusetts Lowell, documents case studies of systemic failures in protecting workers from injury and illness and outlines some paths forward to protect workers.

Source: UMass Lowell

Jan 01, 2011
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work: Case Studies

Case studies are real examples which show the steps that have been taken to solve health and safety (OSH) problems.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

May 01, 2008
Safety and Health at Work European Good Practice Awards

This publication contains the summaries of 20 working examples of how companies and organisations from across the EU have taken action against MSDs.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

Jul 01, 2007
Examples of Good Ergonomic Practices at the United States Postal Service

Examples of Good Ergonomics Practices at the U.S. Postal Service outlines the achievements of the partnership and steps taken to help prevent ergonomic-related injuries in the workplace.

Source: OSHA

Sep 01, 2006
WISHA Ergonomic Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects provided by Washingotn State Department of Labor and Industries include examples from worksites in all industries.

Source: WA Department L&I

May 01, 2005
Ergonomic Solutions in Shipyards

The “Easy Fixes” shown here were photo-documented by project personnel during initial field surveys of both domestic and foreign shipyards.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2005
Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers

Farm workers get backaches and pains in the shoulders, arms, and hands more than any other health problem. Learn about solutions to prevent injuries.

Source: NIOSH