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Oct 01, 2004
OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Semiconductors

Due to rapid changes in this industry, manufacturing processes and their associated hazards may change completely every few years. These changes make hazard assessments more difficult to complete and require that they be conducted more often. Common hazards may include exposure to solvents, acid and caustic solutions, toxic metals, and radiation.

Source: OSHA

Feb 01, 2004
NIOSH Safety & Health Topic: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Although this page has been archived, it provides historical information on information relating to the potential hazards of some chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Source: NIOSH

May 01, 2003
The SEMI® EHS Grapevine

The Grapevine is an informal group of people interested in environmental, health and safety technology, regulations and standards worldwide, networked electronically by mailing list.

Source: SEMI