Risk Assessment Tools

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Oct 01, 2015
COHHE e-tool:


Easy steps to control health risks from chemicals COSHH Essentials provides advice on controlling the use of chemicals for a range of common tasks, eg mixing, or drying.

Source: HSE

Oct 01, 2015
HSE Direct Advice Sheets


First check the direct advice sheets listed by industry to see if there are any direct advice sheets for tasks or processes in your industry.

Source: HSE

Jan 01, 2011
How Do I Carry Out a Risk Assessment?


This document, provided by the UK Health and Safety Executive, describes the five steps to workplace risk assessment and lists example assessments,

Source: HSE

Feb 01, 2010
Risk Assessment Tools


The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has developed a risk assessment tools database with tools from all over Europe. Risk Assessment Tools can be searched for in various ways, including by the topic covered, by sector or by country.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

Sep 01, 2009
Workforce diversity and risk assessment: Ensuring everyone is covered


The main aim of this report is to describe why and how risk assessment can and should cover the whole workforce.

Source: European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

Apr 01, 2006
Health and Safety Programs - Risk Assessment


Information from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety on risk assessment, including what it is, how to identify and rate hazards and more.

Source: CCOHS