Warehouse Safety

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Dec 01, 2014
Deaf to the Danger: Warehouse Scenario


Earbuds are not part of the job. They isolate you from your work environment and workplace hazards. This video demonstrates the dangers associated with wearing earbuds on the job in a warehouse

Source: WorkSafe BC

Nov 01, 2009
Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling


his booklet is written for managers and supervisors in industries that involve the manual handling of containers. It offers suggestions to improve the handling of rectangular, square, and cylindrical containers, sacks, and bags.

Source: NIOSH

Apr 01, 2008
Prevention Guide - Manual Material Handling and Customer Service in Warehouse Superstores


The purpose of this guide is to share risk situations involving handling and customer service activities, and to show, for each situation presented, solutions that have been developed in the workplace.

Source: IRSST

Aug 01, 2005
Grocery Warehousing Ergonomics


This eTool* describes example ergonomic hazards and solutions related to Order Picking, which accounts for a large number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


Aug 01, 2005
Safety and Health Topics: Powered Industrial Trucks


This website links to resources that provide safety and health information relevant to powered industrial trucks.

Source: OSHA

Apr 01, 2005
OSHA Pocket Guide Worker Safety Series - Warehousing


This 15 page pocket guide addresses hazards, solutions and presents checklists for warehousing operations.

Source: OSHA